• ☆ ★ Limited time ♪ Tropical mango fair ~ How in summer's sweet memories? ~ ★ ☆

    • Yoghurt parfait of mango and white peach

      Yoghurt parfait of mango and white peach

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      Collaboration of sweet mango and white peach! It is a definite dessert ♪

    • Rumbling fruit punch

      Rumbling fruit punch

      450 yen (excluding tax)

      Recommended for people who want to refresh ♪ ♪ better sweetness of mango and sourness of berry ☆

    • Fluffy ♪ Cheese Souffle Mango Sauce

      Fluffy ♪ Cheese Souffle Mango Sauce

      450 yen (excluding tax)

      If you put it in your mouth the scent of mango will explode (lol) ~ ~ じ ま ~ san!

  • ◇ Okinawa friend of delicacy and awamori ◇

    • Okinawa delicacy Assorted

      1200 yen (excluding tax)

      Once lost, First this! Okinawa enough feeling.

    • Sea grapes

      Sea grapes

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      Bubble wrap feeling irresistible!

    • Homemade Jimami tofu

      Homemade Jimami tofu

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      It was born from peanuts.Purupuru tofu.Popular !!

    • Mimiga "vinegared bean paste tossed" or "tossed garlic soy sauce."

      Mimiga "vinegared bean paste tossed" or "tossed garlic soy sauce."

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      If put Okinawa delicacy this! Pig ear.Crunchy delicious.

    • Shimarakkyo salted

      650 yen (excluding tax)

      The awamori is this (laughs).Masan goods !!

    • Red Asahi of tofu

      500 yen (excluding tax)

      Delicacy of the king! It is red yeast put the island tofu.

    • Watariki Shikishima specialty tuna jerky

      Watariki Shikishima specialty tuna jerky

      630 yen (excluding tax)

      Watarikishiki direct delivery! Addicted junkie !!

    • Okinawa Mozuku vinegar Sunuiusachi

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Vinegared Now ~ Okinawa thick seaweed.

    • Okinawa Asazuke

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Frankly.Perfect !! on chopsticks cheaper

    • A & W famous curly fries

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      "Chirichizu" topping at +100 yen.

    • Broiled wholesale Suchika ponzu

      650 yen (excluding tax)

      I broiled the homemade salt pig.Popular menu ★

    • Eartha containing soup rolled egg

      630 yen (excluding tax)

      Okinawa sea lettuce plenty.Marr's fried eggs

    • Tossed Namaribushi of cream cheese

      630 yen (excluding tax)

      Popular snacks.Perfect for awamori.

  • ◇ Okinawa salted ◇

    • Okinawa salted four prime

      800 yen (excluding tax)

      This !! If you want knob Arekore

    • Sukugarasu

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Figure pickled welfare fry.

    • Takugarasu

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Island's this salted.

    • Watagarasu

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Salted cotton bonito.

    • Icha glass

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Squid ink containing salted fish.

  • ◇ Okinawa healthy salad ◇

    • Millefeuille salad of fresh fish and avocado

      Millefeuille salad of fresh fish and avocado

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      Fresh fish of direct avocado and compatibility ♪ perfect popular specialty salad.

    • Nja Do the island tofu salad

      800 yen (excluding tax)

      Island of herbs (Nigana) and the island tofu is great with Miyako miso Dore.

    • Caesar salad of Handama and Suchika

      Caesar salad of Handama and Suchika

      800 yen (excluding tax)

      Handama containing salad of roasted and blood smooth effect of salt pig.

    • Salad of bitter gourd and a small fish - roasted onion dressing ~

      800 yen (excluding tax)

      In salad ♪ homemade dressing of crisp bitter gourd.

  • ◇ of flame Champloo ◇

    • Goya Chanpuru

      Goya Chanpuru

      750 yen (excluding tax)

      Okinawa bitter gourd and fried of the island tofu.Eat unless begin with you ♪

    • Fu Chanpuru

      Fu Chanpuru

      730 yen (excluding tax)

      Car suddenly saute of vegetables.Fluffy ♪ and taste Juwa'

    • Saw Min Chanpuru

      Saw Min Chanpuru

      730 yen (excluding tax)

      Stir-fried noodles.♪ once ate Once addicted

    • Naberanbushi

      730 yen (excluding tax)

      Boiled miso fried of loofah and the island tofu.Marr's popular !!

    • Hirayachi


      630 yen (excluding tax)

      Okinawa okonomiyaki.Immobility of popularity! Always one to the desktop!

    • Pork egg

      Pork egg

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Compatibility of the omelet and pork pat Now ~.

    • Pochigi (fried spicy chorizo)

      Pochigi (fried spicy chorizo)

      630 yen (excluding tax)

      Island pepper filled.Beer Susumu ♪ with spicy and tangy

  • ◇ Okinawa tempura ◇

    • Tempura of Beniimo

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Gently sweet Okinawa in popularity No1 Hokuhoku Beniimo ♪

    • Tempura of bitter gourd

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      This bittersweet is delicious irresistibly ☆ is recommended!

    • Tempura of the island shallots

      Tempura of the island shallots

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a dish of large staple in Okinawa! Delicious even if deep-fried because it fresh!

    • Okinawa Mozuku Kakiage of

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Mozuku and carrots, onion Kakiage.Please in the Worcestershire sauce ♪

    • Arthur Kakiage

      Arthur Kakiage

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Kakiage of fragrant Okinawa sea lettuce is smell of ocean.I recommend!

    • Tempura platter of Okinawa vegetables

      1000 yen (excluding tax)

      Three types Assorted !! of bitter gourd-Beniimo-Shimarakkyo

  • ◇ Uchimei-fried stuff ◇

    • Deep-fried Gurukun

      Deep-fried Gurukun

      730 yen (excluding tax)

      Okinawa Prefecture fish.Specialty menu that eat to the bone!

    • Garlic wrapped fried pork belly

      630 yen (excluding tax)

      Whole perfect garlic and spices in beer ☆

    • Deep-fried chicken - Shikuwasa Pont vinegar ~

      650 yen (excluding tax)

      Tavern classic ♪ and refreshing in Shikuwasa Pong vinegar!

    • Shimarakkyo containing chicken wings dumplings (one)

      300 yen (excluding tax)

      We packed a lot one by one love ♪ Hamar Now ~!

    • Glutinous rice cake fried Beniimo

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      Popular !! glutinous girls.

  • ◇ carefully stewed ◇

    • Rafuti "boiled pork"

      Rafuti "boiled pork"

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      Boiled ass angle of carefully stewed pork overnight ♪

    • Broiled Soki boiled "boiled cartilage spareribs"

      Broiled Soki boiled "boiled cartilage spareribs"

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Roast in front of the eye.No repeat mistake!

    • Tebichi "pig foot Oden"

      Tebichi "pig foot Oden"

      850 yen (excluding tax)

      Pig foot stewed in Kotokoto Oden style.Collagen plenty!

    • Stew with the Agu pig

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Rarity !! manager proud of !! Kotokoto stew

  • ◇ Healthy Island tofu dishes ◇

    • Hiyakko island tofu

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Taste of firm soybean simple is the best !!

    • Thick fried tofu Island

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      Island tofu of deep-fried tofu in served to ride to the spice of the season!

  • ◇ Gattsuri rice stuff ◇

    • Taco rice

      Taco rice

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      Korezo Okinawa Soul Food.Now ~ ride is soft-boiled fried egg in +100 yen.

    • Ass Broiled Soki bowl

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      Simmering cartilage spareribs is irresistible.Gattsuri bowl !!

    • Specialty !! Island Shishi

      Specialty !! Island Shishi

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Pick it and squeeze it in a special sauce.Cut the mustard and try!

    • Okinawa soba

      Okinawa soba

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Pork was boiled in spicy soup of the soup is! The deadline Kore

    • Soki Soba

      Soki Soba

      850 yen (excluding tax)

      Simmering sip the noodles while Hobari the spare ribs.Konouenashi!

    • Okinawa vegetables salt fried noodles

      Okinawa vegetables salt fried noodles

      830 yen (excluding tax)

      Okinawa noodles of the chow mein.Salt delicious dish that I heard (Mars) and the soup!

  • ◇ soup ◇

    • Eartha juice

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      Gently to the tired stomach Shimiwataru.Okinawa sea lettuce plenty of soup

  • ◇ handmade dessert ◇

    • Sata Andagi

      Sata Andagi

      150 yen (excluding tax)

      Ober Jikiden ☆ Okinawa donut!

    • Beniimo tart

      450 yen (excluding tax)

      Collaboration ♪ of gentle sweetness and cheese cream of Beniimo

    • Fried bananas

      450 yen (excluding tax)

      Outside is cool very popular dessert in crispy.

    • Blue Seal ice

      Blue Seal ice

      400 yen (excluding tax)

      ☆ popular daily ice.